Thursday, March 28, 2013

App For That

Will we one day live in a world where we have an app for everything. It seems to me that no matter where you go, or what you do, someone has an app to make it easier or safer. I am all for technology, but sometimes you do have to think that it is getting out of hand.

                For example, you fancy a take-away so you get out the menus, only to find that your friend has ‘just the app’ and is now ordering Ethiopian food from a place you’ve never heard of.

                I’m pretty sure one day that people will live In their smartphones, or at least make it their only appliance! Fancy a cup of tea? Need to do the dishes? There’s and app for that!

                I know, I know, I moaned about technology not more than two posts ago, but it got me thinking. It’s in the news all the time. Recently, a boy of 17 sold his app to Yahoo for millions. All it did was tell you the news! I already have an app for that, and I know where you can get more. It’s called a newspaper. My app even has the retro factor.

                And for all you nerds going, “Well, my pc has the best graphics you can buy. 3 gigabytes this and 8 megaflops that,” I am sorry to say that I have a screen that is far superior. I call it the window.

                I really don’t know where I get this reputation for moaning about random stuff. I really don’t. I always thought my posts were a delight to read!

                I read a headline today:
US Stealth Bombers Flown Over South Korea
And I couldn’t help but think, surely they’re not that stealthy if everyone knows about them. I thought the whole idea of anything that is supposed to be stealthy, is that nobody is supposed to know they are there. I reckon he forgot to activate his app. The US military get a normal plane and some 15 year old says, “I have an app that will make it invisible,and well, how can you refuse?

                 Amongst my moaning, I do have some good news! Weather Man has turned the tables, and it should be warming up towards the end of the week. Yeahhhh! You know all these old codgers will moan that it’s too hot, but who cares. Grab ya speedos and head off to the beach!

                You do have to love the beach, albeit in Norfolk where the average beach has more needles and litter than grains of sand, but you have to love it. And then you decide to go for a dip in the freezing cold green-brownish sea. Aww, how fun! Have an ice-cream or six, and find yourself in a shadow of circling seagulls. Sounds like utter bliss, doesn’t it? Well, that’s England for you! But don’t worry, to make the beach look nicer, I’m sure there’s an app for it.

And I will see you all again on Saturday, for a strictly Easter related post.

Keep Smiling,
D Wulf.

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