Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blame it on Weather Man

Here we are again. It’s nearly April and it’s still bloody cold! This time last year we were in blistering sunshine. It seems to me that no matter how hot or cold it is, it always seems to be a record breaker. The hottest summer since records began. The coldest winter since records began. We don’t really give a monkey’s about the records, we know it was fucking hot!

                And as many of my posts are based on, we like a good moan. But it seems to me that in the winter we are always complaining about it being cold, and then in the summer we are complaining about it being too hot. No wonder the weatherman is so hated! Until we have a day with perfectly average temperature with a bit of sunshine and a bit of wind, the weatherman needs to keep looking over his shoulder.

                It always amuses me how everyone blames the weatherman. I mean, it’s not like it’s their fault. I’m almost sure that you don’t need magical weather-changing powers to become a weatherman. It’s a case of shooting the messenger. And if he did have magical powers, the weather would be a damn sight worse than it is, thinking about the amount of crap we give them! I do now have the image in my head of the weatherman ripping off his shirt to reveal a superhero costume and saying,
I am Weather Man, and it will be stormy all year round! Except you, Scotland, you deserve a break!
Until then, I will continue to moan about the weather, and wait until Adrian Chiles is presenting it – he seems to present everything else, and it pisses me off!

                As I was searching the internet and new for inspiration, I came across this weather related headline on the Telegraph’s website:
Atrocious Spring Weather Prompts Triple-Dip Recession Fears
When I did have a quick browse over the article, it did have facts and figures which did look like they could make sense. But still, you can’t have a headline like that! It makes it sound like the weather is an exact representation of the state of the country. Well, it’s not. Unless in the summer, Mr Cameron is going to come out of number 10 and say,
Well, the sun is shining, so the country is all good. No recession or war today. Thank you Weather Man!
But I doubt that will happen.

                And there we have it, another post full of utter rubbish. I do hope this made you chuckle. And for those of you who are wondering what the weather is going to do over the next few days, it will turn from shit to ridiculous. But don’t worry, it’s going to ‘feel like’ it’s still the middle of winter.

Keep Smiling,
D Wulf

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